Successful Fundraising Campaigns Recognize Donors

Traditional fundraising campaigns like candy, popcorn or candle sales can get boring. Although people will always buy inexpensive candy bars and no one can have too many candles in their homes, organizations tend to raise more funds when they get creative with their fundraising ideas. There are several occasions where selling brick markers can be a very profitable strategy.


People love to see their name in print. When someone purchases a customized paver, it gets laid in a public place where people they know will see it. This means others will know they contributed to the campaign and they will have something to talk about at social functions. The most vain people may spend extra to ensure their brick is larger than the others or in a more prominent position.


Business owners are more likely to contribute to these kinds of fundraisers than they are to buy candy or popcorn because doing so puts their company name where others can see it. Using customized bricks and tiles in your fundraising campaign helps local companies as well as the organization. Depending on the size of the paver they purchase, a company may be able to add their slogan or marketing message.

Organizations should think carefully about the type of fundraising campaign they use and only pick the ones that are likely to raise the most money. When an organization runs too many fundraising campaigns, people get bored with them and are less likely to participate. That's why campaigns on are so successful. Whether the group is trying to fund a new playground or adding to an existing building, selling pavers and tiles gives people in the community a chance to not only participate in helping the organization reach a goal, but to let others know they were part of it.

Groups that are doing good work shouldn't have to apologize for raising funds. Choosing a campaign that can help them get all the money they need with one product lets the community know they are serious about their mission and community leaders will be happier to help in the future.